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Scholarship programme

Scholarship Programme of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany on »Urban-industrial environmental protection«

In cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin (TUB) the section »Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources« of the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft e. V. (CDG) offers the above mentioned advanced professional training programme in Germany:

Target group and admission requirements:

• Preferably environmental planners and engineers employed in environmental departments of local governments (municipalities) or in regional environmental administrative bodies, worldwide.

• Several years of professional experience in environmental and/or urban planning as well as knowledge in the field of industrial environmental protection are necessary.

• Responsibility for developing and implementing interdisciplinar, urban industrial environmental protection concepts and measures.


Content and structure:

• German language course (general and professional).

• Professional training programme on:

- Legal and administrative structure of urban-industrial environmental protection.

- Methods of analysis and planning for recording and evaluating urban environmental

pollution caused by industry, infrastructure, traffic and settlement growth.

- Methods of assessing site risks and environmental effects, especially regarding

supply and disposal systems (power generation, waste water treatment, solid waste


- Plant-related solution strategies and their environmental benefits (end-of-pipe-

technology, clean technology).

- Solution strategies by means of planning instruments:

Environmental impact assessment Air pollution control measures Water-shed management plans Landscape and urban planning.

Duration: 14 months

Commencement: 1st October of each year

Application procedure:

For further details please contact the next German Embassy or Consulate. Please refer to BMZ-Programme Catalogue No. 3.4.