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7. Towards model projects "Towns for cyclists" in the Third World

This proposal for the implementation of several model-projects "Towns for Cyclists" is based on the experience of a similar project in Germany. The German experience is relevant because it was a systematic and comprehensive attempt to change the modal split of traffic.

The advantage of such a proposal is its integrated approach and strategic character. As was pointed out earlier; there is little benefit in isolated and intermittent construction of cycle-lanes. The promotion of NMT as a serious alternative to motorised traffic is only possible if the infrastructure and the access to suitable vehicles go hand in hand with a change in image and perception of the bicycle and of non-motorised transport. There will be no breakthrough, as long as cycling is only done by those who cannot afford motorised transport.

The following measures and components are conceived for Third World countries, but they have to be adapted to the specific situation. As a reference, the relevant components of the German project are also mentioned.

It should also be mentioned that a similar project is taking place in Europe. In 1990, the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) initiated a project "Cities for Cyclists" and the charter was signed by five "founder-cities": Erlangen, (Germany), Groningen (Netherlands), Nakskov (Denmark), Nottingham (UK), and Winterthur (Switzerland). The aim of the project is the systematic promotion of bicycle-friendly measures in the founder-cities, which are already among the leading cities in Europe. Other cities are welcome to join.187