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Reports and other contributions used in this study - Annotated bibliography

Reports for the Third International Symposium on Professional Training, The Hague 1990:

Francis X. Blouin: "A report on publications in the United States useful in the education and training of archivists"

Paola Carucci: "Les manuels d'archivistique en Italie"

Marie-Claude Delmas: "Les manuels d'archivistique en langue française"

Severiano Hernandez Vicente: "Manuals of "Archivistica" in Spanish"

Arnold J. M. den Teuling: "Dutch handbooks on Archives"

Jose Zontar "Archival text-books resp. Manuals in Slavic languages"


Contributions received from:

Botho Brachman, Germany

Angelika Menne-Haritz, Germany

Michael Cook, Great Britain

Jean-Luc Eichenlaub, France

David B. Gracy II, USA

Silvia Vatafu-Gaitan, Rumania


Annotated bibliography

This international bibliography, with its commentary, is not aimed at professional archivists. It rather lists training manuals and reference works which can be used in the teaching of archives administration.

The bibliography is not consistent because the terms "manual" and "textbook" have different definitions in different countries: this explains why the number of works cited also varies so much from country to country. However, the short description of each work will enable to reader to form a more accurate idea of the contents.

To facilitate reference the bibliography is divided into areas of professional practice. Within each area it is arranged alphabetically by language. Works which have been translated are cited only once, in the original language.

1. General manuals

Reference works

Manuals and textbooks

Collections of articles, readers

2. Terminology

3. Archives theory

4. Legislation and organisation


Organisation and planning

5. Archives administration

Semi-current records and records management

Appraisal and disposal

Arrangement and description

User services and access

Guides for the general user

6. Conservation and restoration

Buildings and equipment


Tropical climates

7. Archives services

National archives and the archives of governmental agencies

Local archives

Business archives

Private archives


8. Special types of records

Graphic materials (maps, plans and technical drawing)

Photographs and microforms

Audiovisual material

Machine-readable records

9. New techniques

Reprographies and microforms


Oral history

10. Archival training