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Healthy District

Tarimo E.: Towards a Healthy District. Organizing and Managing District Health Systems based on Primary Health Care.

WHO, Geneva 1991. 105 pp. ISBN: 92-4-154412-0. (World Health Organization, CH-Geneva, Switzerland).

This publication describes practical ways in which the management of district health systems can be improved. Consideration is given to each element of the planning cycle in turn, from analysis of the present situation and setting of objectives and targets, through implementation of programmes, to monitoring and evaluation. Throughout, emphasis is placed on the principles of primary health care - equity, intersectoral action, and community participation - and on the application of problem-solving techniques.


Information on Water Supply

Nigel Browne: A Guide to Secondary Sources of Information. On Low-cost Rural and Urban Water Supply and Sanitation for Developing Countries.

IRC, The Hague 1993. 108 pp. (IRC, P.O. Box 93190, NL-2509 AD The Hague, Netherlands).

Note: Please order books, annotated in gate's "bookbox" directly from the publisher.

This guide endeavours to provide systematic listing of secondary information sources on low-cost rural and urban water supply and sanitation. It lists and describes dictionaries and glossaries, bilingual and multilingual dictionaries, thesauri, bibliographies and literature reviews, abstract journals and current awareness bulletins, data bases, directories, organisations and networks.


Carpentry Toolmaking

Aaron Moore: Carpentry Toolmaking. An instructors' guide.

Intermediate Technology Publications (ITP), London 1993.226 pp. ISBN: 1-85339196-4. (Intermediate Technology Publications, 103 105, Southhampton Row, London WC1B 4HH, UK).

Carpentry toolmaking is a useful skill which can increase a community's capacity for local manufacture of wooden furniture, doors and frames by reducing the need for expensive, mass-produced tools. Carpentry instructors who have experience of` toolmaking will find in this book detailed plans for practical demonstrations to help them teach toolmaking techniques, as well as important theoretical aspects of the craft.

The tools include planes, clamps, workbench and vice, and there is also a section on basic blacksmithing techniques and advice on making the metal parts of cutting tools. Each lesson plan consists of a summary of the objective, previous knowledge assumed, tools required, common problems, cutting list and dimension drawings, followed by illustrated demonstration plans where appropriated.


Mushroom Cultivation

Peter Oei: La Culture des Champignons.

GRET, Paris 1993. 318 pp. ISBN: 2-86844-054- 1. (GRET, 213, rue La Fayette, F-75010 Paris, France).

Revised and french version of the 'Manual On Mushroom Cultivation' published by TOOL in 1991. The manual on mushroom cultivation in tropical areas covers, besides general biological information about the nature of mushrooms and information on how to perform a feasibility study, the commercial potential of mushrooms and technical information on the cultivation of more than ten fungi. Most of the mushroom cultivation techniques discussed in this publication have the potential of being successfully applied in developing countries.