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Closing session

Dr A. Wojtczak and Mr R. Schmidt, of the WHO Centre for Health Development, chaired a session in which participants were given the opportunity to make closing remarks. Dr Wojtczak asked a selection of participants from different regions and disciplines to offer concluding comments and suggestions. In addition to emphasizing support for the general recommendations, participants stressed that the symposium had been an opportunity for intersectoral and interdisciplinary interaction with insight into health community issues. The term "vulnerability reduction" had for the first time clearly been applied to public health. Because of this, the symposium was seen to represent a unique forum in bringing together so many disciplines and in defining their roles in the context of reducing human vulnerability (namely deaths and injuries).

It was felt that the complexity of the multisectoral tasks associated with earthquakes and people's health would require a systems approach which, if successfully applied to future research, could lead to an extraordinary opportunity to transform society.

A wide distribution of the results of the symposium to governments and nongovernmental organizations and the active role of the WHO Centre for Health Development as an information centre in disaster management was strongly recommended.

In closing the symposium, Dr Wojtczak thanked all the participants for their valuable contributions and very active participation. He explained the role of the WHO Centre for Health Development in collecting and disseminating information and emphasized the Centre's mission as a catalyst for research. He announced that complete proceedings were planned for publication by mid-1997.