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close this bookTool - Rapid Assessment of Mental Health Needs of Refugees, Displaced and Other Populations Affected by Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations - A community-oriented assessment (WHO - OMS, 2001, 36 p.)
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This work would have not been completed without the substantial contribution of Drs R.P. Quevillon, T.L. Elliott, and G. Reyes, DMHI, USA. The contributions of J.V. Boero, M.D. Hiller, E.K. Johnson-Jimenez, K.L. Le Beaux, and S.E. McCaslin of the DMHI are gratefully acknowledged.

WHO wishes to also thank and to acknowledge the active participation and contributions of the following in reviewing this document. The names of the experts, who in addition to having reviewed, participated at the "International Consultation on Mental Health of the Refugees and Displaced Populations in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations", and endorsed the RAMH, are underlined:

Dr F. Agani, Department of Neuropsychiatry, University Clinical Center, Kosovo; Ms U. Agomoh, Prisoners Rehabilitation and Welfare Action, Nigeria; Dr F. Baingana, Mental Health Specialist, The World Bank, USA; Dr A. Baker, Professor, Birzeit University, Palestine; Prof. C. Ballas, University of Athens and Advisor, Ministry of Health, Greece; Dr H. Bamber, Director, Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture; Dr T. Baubet, Médecins Sans Frontieres, France; Ms L. Bremer, Crisis Prevention Center, the Finnish Association for Mental Health, Finland; Dr E. B. Brody, Former Secretary General, World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH), USA; Dr M. Dualeh, Sr. Public Health Officer, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR); Dr S. Ekblad, Chair, International Committee for Refugees and Migrants, WFMH, Sweden; Dr M. Elmasri, Algerian Society for Research in Psychology (SARP), Algeria; Dr S. Fernando, University of Kent and University of North London, U.K.; Dr C. Garcia-Moreno, Evidence and Information for Policy, WHO; Dr A. Griekspoor, Emergency Humanitarian Action, WHO, Switzerland; Dr E. Hauff, Deputy Secretary-General, World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation; Dr P. Hypsier, WHO Representative, Sri Lanka; Mr R. Jayasinghe, Program Manager, Mental Health of Refugees, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka; Dr J. de Jong, Director, Transcultural Psychosocial Organization, Netherlands; Dr M. Kastrup, World Psychiatric Association (WPA), Denmark; Mr N. Khaled, SARP, Algeria; Dr A. M. Kos, Slovene Philantropy, Slovenia; Dr G. Labellarte, Italian Psychiatric Association, Italy; Dr P. Lahti, President, World Federation for Mental Health, Finland; Mr J. Lavelle, Director, International Programmes, Harvard Programme in Refugee Trauma (HPRT), Harvard University, USA; Mr J. C. Legrand, United Nation's Children's Fund, USA; Dr I. Levav, Former WHO Regional Mental Health Advisor, PAHO; Dr B. Lopes Cardozo, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, USA; Dr S. Malé, Sr. Public Health Officer, UNHCR; Dr C. Mandlhate, Regional Mental Health Adviser, WHO Africa; Dr J-C. Metraux, Director, "Appartenances", Switzerland; Ms P. Mezzetti, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR), Switzerland; Dr R. Mollica, Director, HPRT, USA; Dr E. Nahim, National Coordinator for Mental Health, Ministry of Health, Sierra Leone; Mr L. Ndahiro, National Coordinator for Mental Health, Ministry of Health, Rwanda; Dr F. del Ponte, Senior Medical Advisor, Swiss Disaster Relief Unit, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland; Mr F. Quesney, Psychosocial Focal Point, United Nations Children's Fund, USA; Dr N. Sartorius, Former President, WPA, Professor, University of Geneva, Switzerland; Dr E. Seheye, National Coordinator for Mental Health, Ministry of Health, Burundi; Dr H. Sell, Former Regional Mental Health Adviser, WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia; Dr B. Sharma, Medical Director, Centre for Victims of Torture, Nepal; Prof. D. Somasundaram, University of Jaffna, Sri-Lanka; Ms B. Stambul, Medecins du Monde, France; Dr N. Sveaass, Secretary General, International Society for Health and Human Rights; Dr L.H.M. van Willigen, Honorary President of the International Society for Health and Human Rights, Netherlands; Dr L. Weisaeth, Division of Disaster Psychiatry, University of Oslo, Norway.

Portions of this document were adapted from Rapid Health Assessment Protocols for Emergencies, Emergency and Humanitarian Action, (1999), Geneva: World Health Organization.