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About Quipunet

Message to the Conference participants

It is indeed a pleasure to welcome you to our Web site, which the UN-IDNDR has chosen to host their Conference.

Quipunet is a small group of Peruvians and friends of Peru who have formed a cybernetic chain of volunteers to carry out our project: Education at a Distance. We are not helped by any University, Government entity, or such.

Our funds are almost non-existent, and yet, through perseverance and a lot of caring, we have been able to accomplish quite a lot. The Internet has enabled us to contact people whose help we needed, and to identify needs and help fill them.

We have had exciting experiences, writing bylaws for a virtual organization, holding virtual elections, hosting virtual seminars such as this one. Now we are in the process of holding classes with "facilitators" and "professors" around the world.

Perhaps our biggest contribution has been to show how a small, innovative, caring group of individuals can, with the help of this new medium, really make a difference!

For Quipunet
Martha Davies, President
Alberto Delgado, Vice-president