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Item sheet framework

Title and photo

- The title covers in generic form all the items presented in the data sheet.

- The photo is essential to describe the item.


- For all items we give: Code, Description, Indicative price, Weight, Volume, Packaging, Cold chain transport, Dangerous transport, Regulated transport, importation, exportation, or use.

General information

- For the operational decision makers to guide them to the right item to order.

- For the users of the item to warn them on the major concerns when using the item

- For the people along the supply chain to understand better the items they handle.

- Also to indicate the reason of the choice of the item compared to others available on the market, and to give advice for local purchase.


- For the purchasers, to give an exact description to their suppliers.

- Provides all technical information needed to clearly describe the item, its packaging, and the method to test/control the quality. As much as possible based on ISO standards.

- Can be used directly as an attachment to a purchase contract. With this chapter, a supplier should be able to understand the requirement, and a control company should be able to check the supplied goods.


This is a list of items, with their codes. It indicates the availability of other items linked to the one presented in the data sheet.