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close this bookCounting and Identification of Beneficiary Populations in Emergency Operations (ODI, 1997, 110 p.)
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View the documentAnnex 1. Statistics
View the documentAnnex 2. Sample registration form (Emergency Assistance Operations)
View the documentAnnex 3. Steps for conducting a registration

Annex 2. Sample registration form (Emergency Assistance Operations)

Short registration form (for population quantification)

1. Name

2. Date of Birth (DOB)

3. Gender

4. Number of Dependents

Long registration form (for quantification, and assistance distribution)

1. Register ID number

2. Date of registration

3. Name - first and family

4. DOB

5. Gender

6. Current address - camp, sub-camp, house/tent

7. Date of arrival

8. Place of origin - country, province or department, town

9. Number of dependants

11. Names, DOB and gender of all dependants

12. Nationality

13. Ethnic group

14. Special needs of case (registered, or dependants)

15. Date of last update of this register