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close this bookDisasters Preparedness and Mitigation - Issue No. 50 - April, 1992 (Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) / OrganizaciĆ³n Panamericana de la Salud (OPS), 1992, 8 p.)
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Other organizations

Managing Donated Goods and Services

CUSEC, the Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium, is organizing the second workshop on Managing Donated Goods and Services. A number of national and international agencies will cosponsor and participate in this meeting, which will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana, August 11-13. The workshop is designed to identify issues, critical problems, and constraints associated with managing donated goods and services, from the point of view of all organizations involved. The agenda will include sessions on the political impact of donations-both domestic and international; cultural considerations case studies of lessons learned; the role and impact of the news media; and how participants can organize their own donations workshop. A wide variety of agencies-federal, state and local emergency management personnel; NGOs; the Red Cross, civil defense, corporations and industry-are expected to attend, helping participants to develop a network of personnel experienced in managing donated goods and supplies. International participants are encouraged to attend. Ask for complete information on the Donations Workshop from CUSEC, 2630 E. Holmes Road, Memphis, TN 38118, phone: 901-345-0932; fax: 901-345-0998.

Update on the UNDP/UNDRO Disaster Management Training Program

Two regional DMTP Courses are scheduled for 1992: the course for English-speaking Africa will be held 20 April-2 May in Addis Ababa, and the Asian course will take place 18-30 May in Manila and Bangkok.

In addition, 25 country courses are scheduled for this year. Nine of these are slated for Latin America and the Caribbean. Two have already taken place: Dominican Republic and Peru in March. In the Dominican Republic, the UNDP office has created an inter-agency Disaster Management Team. This team will focus on improving the U.N. response to disasters and ensure that mitigation is integrated into its cooperation activities. Other national courses on the calendar for 1992: Mexico (April); Ecuador and Nicaragua (May); Jamaica (June) and Honduras (August).

U.N. Seeks Volunteers for Humanitarian Relief

In the last decade, United Nations Volunteers have served extensively with UN agencies in the provision of humanitarian assistance. Some 500 UNV specialists have worked in the areas of emergency relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation, and disaster preparedness. Many continue to do so.

In an effort to place its responsiveness on a more solid footing. and enhance its support to humanitarian assistance, UNV has established a small Humanitarian Relief Unit (HRU) in Geneva for rapid recruitment of short-term specialists in fields where needs are most acute in times of humanitarian crisis. UNV is seeking applications from candidates with experience and an educational background in:

· relief management or administration disaster prevention or preparedness
· food aid monitoring or distribution
· epidemiology, nutrition, field survey
· engineering (water/sanitation, or other)

Well qualified professionals from the Caribbean and Latin America who are:

· older than 25 and fluent in English, French or Spanish
· have at least four years professional experience
· are willing to be placed on a roster and, if when called, are available at very short notice to serve anywhere required

are encouraged to apply (as are applicants from all countries) For complete information write or fax Mr. Frank O'Donnell, Humanitarian Relief Unit, United Nations Volunteers, Palais des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10. Switzerland fax no (4122) 740-0863 or 788-2501