NCAI Indian Education Concerns Committee Policy Resolution Supporting American Indian Scholarships, Inc. - 12 Sept 84
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                          EDUCATION COMMITTEE

                 A Resolution to Support the American
                   Indian Scholarships, Incorporated

     WHEREAS: American Indian tribes and Alaska Natives are 
              exercising even greater control over their own 
              governmental affairs, lands, resources, and 
              services under their rights of self-determination 
              and goals of economic self-sufficiency, and 

     WHEREAS: More Native Americans are needed, now and in future 
              years, with graduate and professional level degrees 
              to serve their Native communities in the areas of 
              social work, education, health, business, the 
              sciences, natural resource management, tribal 
              government and other critical areas requiring high 
              level academic training, and 
     WHEREAS: American Indian Scholarships, Inc. has, since 1969, 
              been devoting its efforts exclusively to the goal 
              of assisting Native Americans throughout the 
              country in their efforts to attain these needed 
              higher degrees in graduate and professional 
              schools, and 

     WHEREAS: American Indian Scholarships, in order to maintain 
              and increase its federal support, and to locate 
              other sources of financial aid in the private 
              sector, needs the assistance of tribes, Indian 
              organizations, and others, now 
     THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the National Congress of 
              American Indians hereby expresses it's support for 
              American Indian Scholarships, Inc. in its efforts 
              to maintain and increase its federal support for 
              Indian higher education, and urgently encourages 
              foundations, companies and individuals to provide 
              financial assistance to AIS for scholarship aid for 
              Native American graduate students and program  
     Submitted by:  Marlene Johnson, CINA, Alaska

     This is to certify that the NCAI Education Committee passed 
     the above resolution on the 12th day of September, 1984. 
     ____________________________    ____________________________
     Alvino Lucero                   Rick St. Germaine
     Co-Chair                        Co-Chair

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