A memorandum of demands presented to the President of Bangladesh by the Jumma Refugees in Tripura, India 22 June 1990
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 (sent by Jumma refugees no resident in Tripura on 22 June, 1990)

Your Excellency,
     We about 70,000 ill-fated Jumma refugees were compelled to 
take shelter into Tripura, India as a result from genocide, 
killing, torture, rape, looting, arson, eviction, land-grabbing, 
religious persecution, conversion to Islam etc. perpetrated by 
Bangladesh army in league with thousands of Muslim infiltrators in 
Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT).  The Jumma people hoped that the 
independence of Bangladesh would be meaningful to them.  They 
hoped for minimum human rights what Pakistan Government trampled 
down.  Pakistan Government plotted to exterminate the Jumma people 
through process.  But the Bangladesh Government in rapture, has 
made two steps forward to destroy the national existence of the 
Jumma people more earlier.  It deployed thousands of army, BDR, 
Police etc. in CHT to exterminate the Jumma people.  Today CHT 
reduced into slaughter house of the Jumma people and flooded by 
thousands of Muslim infiltrators to reduce it into a Muslim 
populated area.  What is more tragedious is that the minimum 
rights enjoyed by Jumma people by CHT Regulation-1900 (I of 1900) 
to safeguard their national existence was curtailed by repealment 
of CHT Regulation-1900 and enactment of Zilla Parishad Act.

     The Bangladesh delegation tried to motivate us for 
repatriation claiming that situation in CHT is peaceful, life 
security will be given to us, CHT problem has been solved and so 
on.  We believe their plea for repatriation of us is ill-motivated 
and fabricated.  Having been detailed thousands of army, BDR, 
Police etc. in CHT and conducting operation after operation by 
them on innocent Jumma people, enforcing the Jumma people to 
bring in the Concentration Camps (cluster villages), resorting to 
implement the Zilla Parishad with a few government stooges and 
puppets through military terrorism, evicting the Jumma people from 
their hearths and homes, grabbing their lands by Muslim 
infiltrators and above all without solution of the problem of CHT 
with Jana Samhati Samiti (JSS) the claim for peaceful situation in 
CHT is quite absurd and baseless.  The black Zilla Parishad Act 
for CHT is a political bluff and mainly aimed to deviate the world 
opinion from CHT issue.  It is a rolling stone for exterminating 
the national existence of the Jumma people soon.  So we vehemently 
oppose this Zilla Parishad Act.

     We are eager for going back to our homeland and live like 
human beings with legitimate human rights.  We have submitted two 
memorandum to Your Excellency, regarding our repatriation through 
Mr. Farooq Ahmed Chowdhury, Bangladesh High Commissioner to India 
in July, 1988 and Mr. A. Mayeed Chowdhury, Joint Secretary in May, 
1989 at Jatanbari, Tripura State of India, who led the Bangladesh 
delegation for repatriation of Jumma refugees.  But our utter 
regret is that Your Excellency did not fulfil our demands for 
repatriation.  In reiterating the previous memorandum we, again, 
put forth following demands:

     1.  A meaningful talk be held between Government of India, 
         Government of Bangladesh and Jana Samhati Samiti (JSS) 
         who is fighting for our cause for permanent solution of 
         CHT crisis.  Representatives from Jumma refugees should 
         also be included in the talk.  The talk be held in 
         presence of the representatives of the U.N.O., 
         International Human Rights and Red Cross Committees.

     2.  To implement the accord of the dialogue properly, U.N.O. 
         observers be requested to be present in CHT during 
         implementation of the accord.

     3.  To stop further infiltration into and withdrawal of all 
         infiltrated Bangladeshi Muslims from CHT.

     4.  To ensure the restoration of the Jumma land forcibly 
         occupied by the Muslim infiltrators.

     5.  To ensure proper compensation of life and property lost 
         by the Jumma people by attack of Bangladesh forces and 
         Muslim infiltrators.

     6.  To ensure security of life and property with full 
         guarantee of proper rehabilitation.

     7.  To stop forcible conversion of Jumma people to Islam and 
         to get back all converted Jumma people to their own 

     8.  To stop forcing Jumma people to make concentration 
         village namely, cluster villages, collective villages 
         etc. which are detrimental to the interest of the Jumma 

     9.  To withdraw all the military and para-military camps, 
         cantonments from CHT.

     10. To repeal Parbatya Zilla Parishad Act in the interest of 
         Jumma people.

     11. To observe the implementation of repatriation of the 
         refugees of CHT, arrangement be made for visit of Indian 
         people representatives, voluntary organizations, Press 
         Agencies such as P.T.I., U.N.I., B.B.C., V.O.A., etc. and 
         the refugee leaders.

     Date  10.5.'90        Jumma refugees at South Tripura, India.


1.  Shri Upendra Lal Chakma, Ex-M.P., Bangladesh,
2.  Shri Suresh Kanti Chakma,
3.  Shri Ranjit Narayan Tripura,
4.  Shri Akshoy Mani Chakma,
5.  Shri Mohan Lal Chakma,
6.  Shri Samarjit Chakma,
7.  Shri Indra Kumar Tripura,
8.  Shri Joy Sen Tripura,
9.  Shri Daya Ranjan Chakma,
10. Shri Prabhakar Chakma,
11. Shri Jugantar Chakma,
12. Rev. Jnana Dhwaja Bhikshu,
13. Shri Shanti Bikash Chakma,
14. Shri Rashik Ranjan Tripura,
15. Shri Lal Kishore Tripura,
16. Shri Ramendu Bilash Chakma,
17. Shri Prafulla Kumar Chakma,
18. Shri Ghanashyam Chakma,
19. Shri Ketoki Mohan Roaza,
20. Shri Kong Chairi Marma,  
21. Shri Thuila Prue Marma,
22. Shri Hemanta Prashad Chakma,
23. Shri Sukamal Chakma,
24. Shri Prashanta Tripura,
25. Shri Athoi Marma,
26. Shri Rabi Mohan Chakma,
27. Shri Aniruddha Chakma,
28. Shri Rabindra Nath Chakma,
29. Shri Arun Bikash Chakma,
30. Shri Jadra Mog,
31. Shri Mongcha Prue Karbari,
32. Shri Ajit Baran Chakma,
33. Shri Satyaban Chakma,
34. Shri Puspa Kanti Chakma,
35. Shri Nakul Chandra Tripura

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