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View the documentProbabilistic Deduction with Conditional Constraints over Basic Events - T. Lukasiewicz
View the documentEfficient Heuristic Hypothesis Ranking - S. Chien, A. Stechert and D. Mutz
View the documentIssues in Stacked Generalization - K. M. Ting and I. H. Witten
View the documentCooperation between Top-Down and Bottom-Up Theorem Provers - D. Fuchs and M. Fuchs
View the documentThe Good Old Davis-Putnam Procedure Helps Counting Models - E. Birnbaum and E. L. Lozinskii
View the documentModeling Belief in Dynamic Systems, Part II: Revision and Update - N. Friedman and J. Y. Halpern
View the documentOrder of Magnitude Comparisons of Distance - E. Davis
View the documentVariational Cumulant Expansions for Intractable Distributions - D. Barber
View the documentSolving Highly Constrained Search Problems with Quantum Computers - T. Hogg
View the documentSqueaky Wheel Optimization - D. E. Joslin and D. P. Clements
View the documentA Counter Example to Theorems of Cox and Fine - J. Y. Halpern
View the documentExtensible Knowledge Representation: the Case of Description Reasoners - A. Borgida
View the documentLearning to Order Things - W. W. Cohen, R. E. Schapire and Y. Singer
View the documentConstructing Conditional Plans by a Theorem-Prover - J. Rintanen
View the documentVariational Probabilistic Inference and the QMR-DT Network - T. S. Jaakkola and M. I. Jordan
View the documentEfficient Implementation of the Plan Graph in STAN - D. Long and M. Fox