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View the documentPerseus: Randomized Point-based Value Iteration for POMDPs - M. T.J. Spaan and N. Vlassis
View the documentmGPT: A Probabilistic Planner Based on Heuristic Search - B. Bonet and H. Geffner
View the documentRisk-Sensitive Reinforcement Learning Applied to Control under Constraints - P. Geibel and F. Wysotzki
View the documentLearning Concept Hierarchies from Text Corpora using Formal Concept Analysis - P. Cimiano, A. Hotho and S. Staab
View the documentEfficiency versus Convergence of Boolean Kernels for On-Line Learning Algorithms - R. Khardon, D. Roth and R. A. Servedio
View the documentLinking Search Space Structure, Run-Time Dynamics, and Problem Difficulty: A Step Toward Demystifying Tabu Search - J. P. Watson, L. D. Whitley and A. E. Howe
View the documentCIXL2: A Crossover Operator for Evolutionary Algorithms Based on Population Features - D. Ortiz-Boyer, C. Hervás-Martínez and N. García-Pedrajas
View the documentRelational Dynamic Bayesian Networks - S. Sanghai, P. Domingos and D. Weld
View the documentThe First Probabilistic Track of the International Planning Competition - H.L.S. Younes, M. L. Littman, D. Weissman and J. Asmuth
View the documentIgnorability in Statistical and Probabilistic Inference - M. Jaeger
View the documentWhere 'Ignoring Delete Lists' Works: Local Search Topology in Planning Benchmarks - J. Hoffmann
View the documentCooperative Information Sharing to Improve Distributed Learning in Multi-Agent Systems - P. S. Dutta, N. R. Jennings and L. Moreau
View the documentHiding Satisfying Assignments: Two are Better than One - D. Achlioptas, H. Jia and C. Moore
View the documentProbabilistic Hybrid Action Models for Predicting Concurrent Percept-driven Robot Behavior - M. Beetz and H. Grosskreutz
View the documentOptiplan: Unifying IP-based and Graph-based Planning - M.H.L. van den Briel and S. Kambhampati
View the documentSolving Set Constraint Satisfaction Problems using ROBDDs - P. J. Hawkins, V. Lagoon and P. J. Stuckey
View the documentMacro-FF: Improving AI Planning with Automatically Learned Macro-Operators - A. Botea, M. Enzenberger, M. Mueller and J. Schaeffer
View the documentPure Nash Equilibria: Hard and Easy Games - G. Gottlob, G. Greco and F. Scarcello
View the documentReasoning about Action: An Argumentation - Theoretic Approach - Q. B. Vo and N. Y. Foo
View the documentLearning Content Selection Rules for Generating Object Descriptions in Dialogue - P. W. Jordan and M. A. Walker
View the documentThe Deterministic Part of IPC-4: An Overview - J. Hoffmann and S. Edelkamp
View the documentIntegrating Learning from Examples into the Search for Diagnostic Policies - V. Bayer-Zubek and T. G. Dietterich
View the documentBinary Encodings of Non-binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems: Algorithms and Experimental Results - K. Stergiou and N. Samaras
View the documentA Framework for Sequential Planning in Multi-Agent Settings - P. J. Gmytrasiewicz and P. Doshi