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View the documentAsynchronous Partial Overlay: A New Algorithm for Solving Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems - R. Mailler and V. R. Lesser
View the documentApproximate Policy Iteration with a Policy Language Bias: Solving Relational Markov Decision Processes - A. Fern, S. Yoon and R. Givan
View the documentDecision-Theoretic Planning with non-Markovian Rewards - S. Thiebaux, C. Gretton, J. Slaney, D. Price and F. Kabanza
View the documentLogical Hidden Markov Models - K. Kersting, L. De Raedt and T. Raiko
View the documentAn Approach to Temporal Planning and Scheduling in Domains with Predictable Exogenous Events - A. Gerevini, A. Saetti and I. Serina
View the documentA Continuation Method for Nash Equilibria in Structured Games - B. Blum, C. R. Shelton and D. Koller
View the documentDistributed Reasoning in a Peer-to-Peer Setting: Application to the Semantic Web - P. Adjiman, P. Chatalic, F. Goasdoue, M. C. Rousset and L. Simon
View the documentEngineering a Conformant Probabilistic Planner - N. Onder, G. C. Whelan and L. Li
View the documentImproving Heuristics Through Relaxed Search - An Analysis of TP4 and HSP*a in the 2004 Planning Competition - P. Haslum
View the documentRepresenting Conversations for Scalable Overhearing - G. Gutnik and G. A. Kaminka
View the documentFault Tolerant Boolean Satisfiability - A. Roy
View the documentDynamic Local Search for the Maximum Clique Problem - W. Pullan and H. H. Hoos
View the documentOn Graphical Modeling of Preference and Importance - R. I. Brafman, C. Domshlak and S. E. Shimony
View the documentNegotiating Socially Optimal Allocations of Resources - U. Endriss, N. Maudet, F. Sadri and F. Toni
View the documentLearning in Real-Time Search: A Unifying Framework - V. Bulitko and G. Lee