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View the documentProactive Algorithms for Job Shop Scheduling with Probabilistic Durations - J. C. Beck and N. Wilson
View the documentJunta Distributions and the Average-Case Complexity of Manipulating Elections - A. D. Procaccia and J. S. Rosenschein
View the documentCutset Sampling for Bayesian Networks - B. Bidyuk and R. Dechter
View the documentMarvin: A Heuristic Search Planner with Online Macro-Action Learning - A. I. Coles and A. J. Smith
View the documentThe Strategy-Proofness Landscape of Merging - P. Everaere, S. Konieczny and P. Marquis
View the documentGenerating Hard Satisfiable Formulas by Hiding Solutions Deceptively - H. Jia, C. Moore and D. Strain