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View the documentImproved Use of Continuous Attributes in C4.5 - J. R. Quinlan
View the documentA Formal Framework for Speedup Learning from Problems and Solutions - P. Tadepalli and B. K. Natarajan
View the documentFurther Experimental Evidence against the Utility of Occam's Razor - G. I. Webb
View the documentWell-Founded Semantics for Extended Logic Programs with Dynamic Preferences - G. Brewka
View the documentPlanning for Contingencies: A Decision-based Approach - L. Pryor and G. Collins
View the documentQuantum Computing and Phase Transitions in Combinatorial Search - T. Hogg
View the documentReinforcement Learning: A Survey - L. P. Kaelbling, M. L. Littman and A. W. Moore
View the documentA Divergence Critic for Inductive Proof - T. Walsh
View the documentIterative Optimization and Simplification of Hierarchical Clusterings - D. Fisher
View the documentActive Learning with Statistical Models - D. A. Cohn, Z. Ghahramani and M. I. Jordan
View the documentAdaptive Problem-solving for Large-scale Scheduling Problems: A Case Study - J. Gratch and S. Chien
View the documentLogarithmic-Time Updates and Queries in Probabilistic Networks - A. L. Delcher, A. J. Grove, S. Kasif and J. Pearl
View the documentMean Field Theory for Sigmoid Belief Networks - L. K. Saul, T. Jaakkola and M. I. Jordan
View the documentPractical Methods for Proving Termination of General Logic Programs - E. Marchiori
View the documentOn Partially Controlled Multi-Agent Systems - R. I. Brafman and M. Tennenholtz
View the documentA Principled Approach Towards Symbolic Geometric Constraint Satisfaction - S. Bhansali, G. A. Kramer and T. J. Hoar
View the documentLeast Generalizations and Greatest Specializations of Sets of Clauses - S. H. Nienhuys-Cheng
View the documentThe Design and Experimental Analysis of Algorithms for Temporal Reasoning - P. van Beek and D. W. Manchak