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View the documentPac-learning Recursive Logic Programs: Negative Results - W. W. Cohen
View the documentProvably Bounded-Optimal Agents - S. J. Russell and D. Subramanian
View the documentOperations for Learning with Graphical Models - W. L. Buntine
View the documentRerepresenting and Restructuring Domain Theories: A Constructive Induction Approach - S. K. Donoho and L. A. Rendell
View the documentOn the Informativeness of the DNA Promoter Sequences Domain Theory - J. Ortega
View the documentOn Planning while Learning - S. Safra and M. Tennenholtz
View the documentAdaptive Load Balancing: A Study in Multi-Agent Learning - A. Schaerf, Y. Shoham and M. Tennenholtz
View the documentWrap-Up: a Trainable Discourse Module for Information Extraction - S. Soderland and W. Lehnert
View the documentRandom Worlds and Maximum Entropy - A. J. Grove, J. Y. Halpern and D. Koller
View the documentA System for Induction of Oblique Decision Trees - S. K. Murthy, S. Kasif and S. Salzberg
View the documentUsing Pivot Consistency to Decompose and Solve Functional CSPs - P. David
View the documentCost-Sensitive Classification: Empirical Evaluation of a Hybrid Genetic Decision Tree Induction Algorithm - P. D. Turney
View the documentPattern Matching and Discourse Processing in Information Extraction from Japanese Text - T. Kitani, Y. Eriguchi and M. Hara
View the documentTotal-Order and Partial-Order Planning: A Comparative Analysis - S. Minton, J. Bresina and M. Drummond
View the documentPac-Learning Recursive Logic Programs: Efficient Algorithms - W. W. Cohen
View the documentA Domain-Independent Algorithm for Plan Adaptation - S. Hanks and D. S. Weld
View the documentSolving Multiclass Learning Problems via Error-Correcting Output Codes - T. G. Dietterich and G. Bakiri
View the documentTruncating Temporal Differences: On the Efficient Implementation of TD(lambda) for Reinforcement Learning - P. Cichosz