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View the documentCue Phrase Classification Using Machine Learning - D. J. Litman
View the documentMUSE CSP: An Extension to the Constraint Satisfaction Problem - R. A. Helzerman and M. P. Harper
View the documentExploiting Causal Independence in Bayesian Network Inference - N. L. Zhang and D. Poole
View the documentSpatial Aggregation: Theory and Applications - K. Yip and F. Zhao
View the documentA Hierarchy of Tractable Subsets for Computing Stable Models - R. Ben-Eliyahu
View the documentQuantitative Results Comparing Three Intelligent Interfaces forInformation Capture: A Case Study Adding Name Information into a - J. C. Schlimmer and P. C. Wells
View the documentMechanisms for Automated Negotiation in State Oriented Domains - G. Zlotkin and J. S. Rosenschein
View the documentAccelerating Partial-Order Planners: Some Techniques for Effective Search Control and Pruning - A. Gerevini and L. Schubert
View the documentCharacterizations of Decomposable Dependency Models - L. M. de Campos
View the documentLearning First-Order Definitions of Functions - J. R. Quinlan