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View the documentA Model Approximation Scheme for Planning in Partially Observable Stochastic Domains - N. L. Zhang and W. Liu
View the documentWhen Gravity Fails: Local Search Topology - J. Frank, P. Cheeseman and J. Stutz
View the documentEight Maximal Tractable Subclasses of Allen's Algebra with Metric Time - T. Drakengren and P. Jonsson
View the documentAnalysis of Three-Dimensional Protein Images - L. Leherte, J. Glasgow, K. Baxter, E. Steeg and S. Fortier
View the documentBidirectional Heuristic Search Reconsidered - H. Kaindl and G. Kainz
View the documentStoring and Indexing Plan Derivations through Explanation-based Analysis of Retrieval Failures - L. H. Ihrig and S. Kambhampati
View the documentDefining Relative Likelihood in Partially-Ordered Preferential Structures - J. Y. Halpern
View the documentIdentifying Hierarchical Structure in Sequences: A linear-time algorithm - C. G. Nevill-Manning and I. H. Witten
View the documentA New Look at the Easy-Hard-Easy Pattern of Combinatorial Search Difficulty - D. L. Mammen and T. Hogg
View the documentTowards Flexible Teamwork - M. Tambe
View the documentDynamic Non-Bayesian Decision Making - D. Monderer and M. Tennenholtz