Open University going Moodle

Open University going Moodle
Open University going Moodle
Date: 8 Nov 2005 - 11:16
Source: Open University
The Open University builds student online environment with Moodle and more.
The OU’s expertise in supported distance learning has always meant it being a leader in developing the best
technology to support its students.
Now, The Open University’s Learning and Teaching Office has started a new programme worth nearly £5 million to
build a comprehensive online student learning environment for the 21st century.
The development, which will first appear in May of 2006, and be fully operational for February 2007 courses, will
see the largest use of Moodle in the world. Moodle is a free, Open Source software package course management
system used by educators to create effective online learning communities.
Currently Open University students use a variety of software in a network to access their course work, interact
with tutors and other students, use the library, submit assignments and handle administrative paperwork. The new
development incorporating Moodle will ensure the network is much more user-friendly and uniform.
Dean Taylor, the programme manager of the OU’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), says, “We see the
development of Moodle applications, along with involvement of the Moodle Open Source community giving our
students a great advantage in e-learning. Plus, the innovations added by the OU will be available to the entire
Moodle community. It’s a two-way creative street.”
Martin Dougiamas, Moodle community leader and lead developer, says he is very proud that the OU has chosen
Moodle as the platform for its next generation of internet-based courses. “By joining our community they are
recognising the great value of the open source paradigm and the power of a social constructionist approach to
both learning and development. At the same time, as one of the largest, oldest and most respected practitioners
of distance education in the world they bring resources and experience that will give Moodle development a
tremendous boost in the coming years,” he says.
The Open University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching, Dr Paul Clark, says: “The Open University
has always been a leader in developing technology for e-learning, and this new student-centred technology is the
next logical step. The OU has the top student satisfaction rating in the National Student Satisfaction Survey in
England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and this new student environment we’re creating will only help to ensure
that people who learn with the OU continue to receive an exemplary educational experience.”
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