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close this bookMigrants, Displaced People and Drug Abuse: A Public Health Challenge (International Center for Migration and Health - ICMH, 1998, 60 pages)
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5. Establishment of local steering groups

A variety of mechanisms were developed to ensure local supervision of scientific and technical issues as well as administration. The different modalities that were evolved reflect local capacities, experience with issues related to migration and migrants, and drug abuse.

· Antwerp - a senior level steering group was established consisting of the Mayor, two aldermen, a number of high city officials, and selected representatives of migrant organisations

· Arnhem - no local steering group was established because this is not routinely done for technical projects. However, the Director of the City Department of Health and Welfare was appointed to supervise the project

· Arhus - the director of City Social Affairs Department was appointed to supervise the project

· Roubaix - the Deputy-Mayor has supervised the project

· Barcelona - internal supervision was provided through the local health administration's department of epidemiology

· Athens - research institutions involved in related types of work, and attached to the university, have managed the project

· Rome - the Director of the AIDS unit of the Istituto Superiore di Sanita supervised the project.