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close this bookFood and Nutrition Bulletin Volume 18, Number 2, 1997 (UNU Food and Nutrition Bulletin, 1997, 118 pages)
close this folderImproved retinol, carotene, ferritin, and folate status in Nuxalk teenagers and adults after a health promotion programme
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Support is acknowledged from Health and Welfare Canada for Health Promotion Contribution 6554-2-28 and NHRDP Grant 6610-1313-44. We express our appreciation to those involved in the implementation and evaluation of the Nuxalk Food and Nutrition Program. In particular, we thank the project officers of the Health Promotion Contribution Program, Margo Palmer, and of the National Health Research and Development Program, Roy Sampson, for their continued encouragement throughout this lengthy programme. For their diligence in work on the programme from the health clinic of the Nuxalk Nation, we express sincere appreciation to Rose Hans, Louise Hilland, Emily Schooner, Debbie Tallio, and Grace Hans, as well as to many elders who gave their knowledge and support, without which this programme could not have begun. We give special thanks to Chief Ed Moody, Chief Archie Pootlass, and the other councillors from the administrative centre of the Nuxalk Nation, who gave their advice and support during the programme, which extended from 1983 to 1988. For laboratory, computer, administrative, and educational support, we are appreciative to Mitch Ericson, Patricia Thorn, Agdas Zamani, Rula Soueida, Sandra Marquis, Glory Froese, Frank Flynn, Hugh Brody, Dr. Wendy Wolfe, Dawn Loewen, and Dr. Nancy Turner. We also express our appreciation to many graduate and undergraduate students who assisted in various aspects of the programme and its evaluation. Dr. Olivier Receveur and other, anonymous reviewers are appreciated for critical reviews of the manuscript.