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Endemic syphilis, Yaws & Pinta

Non-venereal treponematoses, affecting bone, skin or mucosa and spread by direct contact. Their occurrence is associated with over crowding and poor hygiene.

Table 10

Treatment (dispensary)

- benzathine penicillin (IM)
Adult: 1.2 MIU in a single injection
Child: 600,000 IU in a single injection

- Note that syphilis (both primary and secondary) must be treated with double this dose of benzathine penicillin: 2.4 MIU IM stat.

- If allergic to penicillin: tetracycline or erythromycin (PO): 2 g/d or 50 mg/kg/d divided in 3 doses x 5 days (14 days for syphilis)


For all household contacts:
benzathine penicillin (IM)
Adult: 600,000 IU in a single injection
Child: 300,000 IU in a single injection