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Impetigo and other purulent dermatoses

Highly contagious skin infection (streptococcal or staphylococcal affecting mainly children of school age).

Clinical features

-Initially lesions located around orifices.

- Multiple crusty lesions, sometimes associated with pustules (one to several). Lesions are extended by scratching

- Acute impetigo produces bullous lesions.

- Streptococcal lesions are superficial, staphylococcal lesions are deep.

Treatment (dispensary)

- Cut fingernails, instruct mother to wash child daily with soap.

- Clean lesions with a disinfectant (chloramine or chlorhexidine-cetrimide solution; preparation: see table 25). Remove crusts, incise any abscesses.

- Apply gentian violet solution twice daily.

- On the scalp look for head lice or ringworm (tinea capitis).

- Explain treatment to the mother and treat other members of the family as necessary.

- Do not give antibiotics unless there are signs of regional or systemic spread. If so:
penicillin V(PO)
Adult: 2.4 MIU/d divided in 3 doses x 5 days
Child: 100,000 mg/kg/d divided in 3 doses x 5 days
If no improvement or extensive abscesses, staphylococcal infection is likely. If available give: erythromycin (PO): 50 mg/kg/d divided in 3 doses x 5 days
cloxacillin(PO): 100 mg/mg/d divided in 3 doses x 5-7 days

- Carbuncles on the face. There is a danger of intracerebral metastasis, so treat vigorously for 5-7 days.
If available:
cloxacillin (IV or PO): 100 mg/kg/d divided in 4 injections x 7 days
chloramphenicol(IV): 75 mg/kg/d divided in 4 injections x 7 days
ampicillin (IV): 100 mg/kg/d divided in 4 injections x 7 days
+gentamicin (IM): 3 mg/kg/d divided in 2 or 3 injections x 7 days