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Fungal infection

Infant's thrush

Clinical features

Erythema of the buttocks and perineum, sometimes "weeping". Caused by infection with Candida albicans.

Treatment (dispensary)

- Clean with usual soap or an antiseptic (chloramine or chlorhexidine-cetrimide; preparation: see table 25).

- Apply gentian violet solution twice daily.

- Avoid damp clothing (leave buttocks bare).

- Intestinal thrush often co-exists:
Nystatin (PO): 4-600,000 IU/d divided in 3 doses x 10 days (vaginal tabs might be used for this purpose)


Highly contagious fungal infections. Prevalence is associated with the level of personal hygiene.

Clinical features


There are several different forms:

- "Ringworm"

- Pityriasis versicolor with depigmented patches.

- Erythematous lesions in the skin folds (e.g. axillae and groin).


Associated with loss of hair. Highly contagious in families.


BODY (dispensary)

- Wash, dry and then apply whitfield's ointment twice a day.

- Use griseofulvin only in extensive cases (see below).

HEAD (dispensary)

- Cut hair and then shave the head.

- Wash, dry and then apply gentian violet twice a day for several weeks.

- If treatment fails use:
griseofulvin (PO)
Adult: 500 mg to 1 g/d divided in 3 doses
Child: 10 mg/kg/d divided in 3 doses
Treat for 10 days (sometimes treatment has to be continued for 1 month).

- Examine all the family.

- A short course of griseofulvin may be effective for adults:
griseofulvin: 1.5 g taken at the same time as a greasy meal.
However, there is a risk of digestive problems and vertigo.