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close this bookOn Stump Socket Lamination (GTZ - GATE, 1986, 43 pages)
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Part 4: Tool and Material List- Sources of Supply

Part 1 - Tools
General instruments for measuring and drawing. General woodwork tools. General tools for metal work.

Part 1 - Materials
Wood, metal sheet (2 mm thick), plastic tube or PE foam.

Part 2 - Tools
Measurement and writing instruments: pencil, measuring tape, folding meter, ruler. Cutting tools: sharp knife, scissors, chamfering blade (Fig 1). Machines and alternatives: router machine with sanding drum, or handrasp and sandpaper rough and fine. air circulating or electric oven or charcoal fire. Other items: workbench with bench-vice, support for cutting (wooden board, about 1 m x 1 m x 20 mm (39 x 39 x 1.2 inches), glueing aid (Fig. 3), hammer, tongs, glue-brush/spatula, glue container, talcum in container.

Part 2 - Materials
PE foam, about 7 mm thick (PE-lite, Tepefoam, Polyfoam, Campolite, Multifoarn, but not Plastozote), Pattex or other glue, cotton stockinette, width 80 - 120 mm (3-4.6 inches), fast setting p.o.p. bandage, water, adhesive tape on linen base, small nails.

Part 3 - Tools
Same as for Part 2, in addition: towel, strong leather scissors, I needle, mixing containers for resin, spatula for stirring, protective eyeglasses, round rasp, halfround rasp, either router machine with rasp cutter or curved chisel and hammer.

Part 3 - Materials
Either acrylic resin and hardener orpolyester resin and hardener (and accelerator if necessary).
2-3 premanufactured PVA film sleeves for BK prostheses,
2 elastic bandages or strong gauze bandages, adhesive tape on PE base (take care with PVC tapes!),
Nylon/cotton stockinette 80 x 120 mm (3-4.6 inches) width,
PE foam, thickness about 5 mm, shoemaker thread, 2 shoelaces about 30 mm (about 12 inches) long.
Block made of light wood, 120 x 120 x 120 mm (4.8 x 4.8 x 4.8 inches).

Sources of Supply

for countries with purchasing possibility in Germany:
- Fa. Otto Bock
Orthop. Industrie KG
3428 Duderstadt—FRG
(this firm has international establishments)

- Fa. Schein
Orthopadie Service KG
5630 Remscheid-Lennep—FRG

- Fa. W.J. Teufel
Postfach 1357
7000 Stuttgart 1 - FRG

for countries with purchasing possibility in USA:
- Durr-FillauerMedicallnc.
P.O. Box 1678
2710 Amnicola Highway
- Hosmer Dorrance Corporation
P.O. Box 37
Campbell California - USA
- United States Manufacturing Co.
180 North San Gabriel Blvd.
P.O. Box 5030 .
Passadena California 91108—USA

for countries with purchasing possibility in the UK:
- Otto Bock (UK) Ltd., 32 Parsonage Road, Inglefield Green, Egham, Surrey.UK
- J.E. Hanger & Co. Ltd., Roehampton Lane, Roehampton, London SW15 5PL UK