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GATE/GTZ: Postbox 5180, D-65726 Eschborn. Publications with ISBN- Number may be ordered directly from: Friedr. Vieweg & Sohn GmbH, P.O.Box 300944, D-51338 Leverkusen, Germany.

Rolf Hasse: Rainwater Reservoirs above Ground Structures for Roof Catchment.

GATE/Vieweg, Braunschweig/ Wiesbaden 1989. 102pp. DM 29,80, ISBN 3-528-02049-0.

Rainwater harvesting is gaining importance again, for example in rural areas and especially so in many developing countries. The book gives information on water catchment possibilities and choice of resenoir types, material testing and mixing, and installation and construction of the tank.

Paul Starkey: Polyculteur traction animale: Bien conçumal perçu.

Gate/CTA/Vieweg 1993. 192pp. DM 24,50. ISBN 3-528-02071 -7.

Paul Starkey retrace ici l'histoire singulière des polyculteurs: des matériels dont les mérites ont été universellement vantés et qui, cependant, n'ont jamais été acceptés par les agriculteurs. L'auteur, à partir d'une synthèse minutieuse des renseignements glanés dans plus de trente pays, nous propose done l'histoire détaillée de trots décennies de recherche, de développement et de promotion.

Ulrich Graf: Low Cost Charcoal Gasifiers for Rural Energy Supply.

GATE/Vieweg, Braunschweig/Wiesbaden 1994. 49pp. DM 12,80. ISBN 3-52802076-8.

Gasifier-engine systems with 2-10 kW power output could be a very versatile equipment for rural energy supply in developing countries, especially for irrigation pumps, grate mills, small workshops and village electrification. In this report, the ferrocement construction of gasifiers is discussed. A considerable reduction of cost is possible.

The economic viability of a gasifier-engine system of this type depends mainly on local costs for biomass fuel and operating personnel.