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News and notes

Infoods information by E-mail

The International Network of Food Data Systems (INFOODS) was organized in January 1983 to provide leadership for the development of standards and guidelines for the collection, compilation, and reporting of food component data, with the aim of establishing and coordinating a worldwide network of regional data centers directed toward the generation, compilation, and dissemination of accurate and complete data on food composition. It is establishing a global system of regional food composition databases with the capacity to exchange data electronically.

INFOODS has two mailing lists, one for general food composition discussions and a second, more specialized list for updates to the food component tagging system. Subscriptions to the food composition discussion list can be obtained by anyone involved in this area of nutrition by sending mail to food-comp-request at INFOODS.UNU.EDU.

To keep up with data being generated for food component tagnames, the tagname list is available from the INFOODS server in New Zealand. It can be accessed from a WWW server located at WWW.CROP.CRI.NZ. If you have a Mosaic browser, it can be accessed by HomePage= .

A small group participates in updating the food component tagging system list by invitation of special request to the secretariat:

A subscription to a nutritional epidemiology list at the Bundesgesundheitamt in Berlin may be obtained by sending electronic mail to listserv@db0tui11 on bitnet with one line in the message "subscribe NUTEPI your name" where your name is replaced by your full name.

IUFoST Sponsorship of Short Courses and Workshops

IUFoST is pleased to announce continuance of its programme to support short courses and workshops in the area of food science and technology. Proposals addressing critical needs in developing countries will be given highest priority. Any organization or individual with appropriate capabilities may submit a proposal, although preference will be given to representatives from countries that are members of IUFoST.

IUFoST's contribution will consist of 1) co-sponsorship; 2) advice, when requested; and 3) limited financial support. The latter is intended primarily to provide payment of APEX airfares of one or two foreign speakers.

To initiate the application process, a short letter containing the proposed date, programme topic and justification, intended audience, suitability of the facilities, and competency of the proposer(s) should be sent to:

Professor Owen Fennema

Chairman, lUFoST Scientific Activities Committee Department of Food Science

University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wl 53706, USA

If the initial proposal is deemed appropriate, a full proposal will be requested.