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Infoods and Eurofoods news


The first North American regional meeting of the International Network of Food Data Systems ( INFOODS) was held 20 April, 1983 in Washington, D. C. The meeting gathered together representatives of the United States and Canadian Governments and industry to discuss specific needs for food composition data and the availability of funding to support the work of INFOODS. It was a very encouraging meeting during which a number of suggestions and proposals were made that are being followed up. A North American liaison committee was organized to assist in the activities of INFOODS. Dr. Alex Campbell of Canada and Mr. Frank Hepburn of USDA were elected as officers. A future meeting is planned for late fall.


The first meeting of EUROFOODS was held in Wageningen, The Netherlands, 29-31 May, 1983 as part of a Workshop,"Towards Compatibility of Nutrient Data Banks in Europe." The workshop, partly supported by INFOODS, surveyed the status of, and needs for, food composition data in Europe and planned several activities for the next few years. The goals and plans of INFOODS were presented and it was decided that EUROFOODS would serve as the liaison committee for INFOODS in Europe, with Dr. Clive West of Wageningen as coordinator,