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Good health concentration

· Participants will learn that maintaining good health is the best way to fight disease. Participants will teach other participants while playing this game.

Target Group:
· Primary school students.

Group Size:
· 6 students per group suggested.

· 20 minutes

· Health concentration cards. (See Appendix IV)

· Make 10 to 15 pairs of matching cards which show activities that promote good health. Write half sentences or phrases concerning good health and disease prevention on each card in a pair. (Each pair will have the complete sentence or phrase when together). Place different color designs or numbers on the backs of the cards. Note: The game will be more successful if prefaced by some instruction in good health practices, how some illnesses are communicable, methods to prevent diseases and ways to promote wellness.

A. Divide students into groups of six, three students per team.

B. Place a set of labeled cards, number side up, on a table top in view of all of the students in the group.

C. The first player selects a card by calling a number or pointing to the card. The card is turned over and then the player must find the card with the corresponding or matching picture and information on it. When the cards are matched the player must then read the complete information on good health and disease prevention printed on each card out loud to the other players.

D. Each team should select the order in which team members play. Each player can consult with teammates if necessary.

E. When all of the cards are matched the game is over.

F. Bring all of the students back together in a large group and have the students share some of the ways good health can help prevent disease.

By Greg Carl, U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer