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Minor Treatment Area

This area should be located near the emergency ward, in the space assigned for treating those patients who are in stable condition and who, judging from the initial diagnosis, will remain in that condition for 30 minutes or more.

When the disaster plan has been put into effect, staff on duty in the emergency ward, also wearing orange armbands, will automatically be assigned to the minor treatment area and remain there until the reserve staff office assigns additional medical, paramedical, and administrative personnel to those areas.

Physicians assigned to the minor treatment area should report to the physician in charge of that area, wearing the appropriate orange armband.

Nurses and other staff assigned to the minor treatment area should also wear orange armbands and should report to the nurse in charge of that area.

Requests for additional staff should be presented to the reserve staff office.

Only authorized staff will be allowed to remain in the area. Persons not wearing the proper armband should leave the area.

Personnel not needed for the moment should be instructed to report to the reserve staff.