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Major Treatment Area

The major treatment area should be located in the emergency ward; it is the area designated for treating the most severe cases. When the disaster plan goes into effect, the head physician on duty in the emergency ward will remain on duty assigned to the treatment area until the reserve staff office is able to assign additional medical, paramedical, and administrative personnel.

All treatment of disaster victims in this area will be administered under the supervision of the head physician of the emergency ward. This physician, identified by an orange armband, will be in charge of the major treatment area. All the physicians working in the major treatment area will report to the head of the emergency ward in charge, as will all nursing staff. All staff should wear an orange armband.

Requests for additional personnel should be channeled through the command post located in the center of the major treatment area. Any staff members not wearing the proper armband will be asked to leave that area. Staff whose services are not required for the moment should be instructed to report to the reserve staff office.