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4.4 Assessment

The official documentation states that candidates will be awarded a certificate if they pass English, Mathematics, Science and Health Education, Foundation Studies and Teaching Practice plus one other subject from Category A (General Studies, Agriculture, Chichewa and Home Economics) and one from Category B (Music, PE, Creative Arts, R.E). A formal written assessment is set by MANEB and marked by tutors under their guidance. The regulations are set out below:

Table 4.2: Assessment





End of residential block

Written examinations in all subjects


During school-based training

12 assignments
(1 per subject)
In Category B subjects:
4 projects


Grades include course work assignments, projects and TP

End of course

Final exams in main and category A subjects


A Teaching Practice (TP) grade is given during the residential block, for a lesson taught in the demonstration school, but the main grade is given during the field-based part of the course. A moderation team from different TTCs including staff from MANEB and TDU visit a sample of trainees to check consistency in TP grades.

Within each unit in the Handbooks there are short questions, designed to check recall and understanding. At the end of each unit there is a unit assessment which according to the writers' guide lines should comprise an activity for each of the unit objectives, though this is not carried out for all the units. No other guideline is given to tutors for checking students' on-going learning. In the self-study units there are similar short assessment exercises, with answers given at the end. No reference is made to the MANEB-set assignments and projects to be done during this time.

Principals and tutors in the colleges indicated that there was no assessment policy either at the departmental or institutional level. Examinations Committees existed but under MIITEP they do not seem to function. Tutors are not required to keep any progress records for students. This seems a serious omission and calls into question the quality of the implementation of the course.