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close this bookBecoming a Primary School Teacher in Trinidad & Tobago, Part 2: Teaching Practice - Experience of Trainees (CIE, 2000, 54 p.)
close this folderChapter 4: Teaching Practice - Second Round
View the document4.1 Procedure
View the document4.2 The Role of Principals
View the document4.3 Content Knowledge of Trainees
View the document4.4 General Pedagogic Knowledge
View the document4.5 Pedagogic Content Knowledge
View the document4.6 Participation of Pupils
View the document4.7 Performance in Language Arts Classes
View the document4.8 Performance in Science Classes
View the document4.9 Performance in Mathematics Classes
View the document4.10 The Role of the Cooperating Teacher
View the document4.11 Post-Lesson Conferencing Sessions
View the document4.12 Trainees' Perceptions of the Teaching Practice
View the document4.13 Summary