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close this bookFurther Diploma in Education (Educational Management) by Distance Education at the University of Pretoria, South Africa (CIE, 2002, 55 p.)
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View the documentMulti-Site Teacher Education Research Project (MUSTER)
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View the documentAbstract
View the document1. Introduction and Context
close this folder2. Overview of programme
View the document2.1 Course rationale
View the document2.2 The history and structure of the course
View the document2.3 Entrance requirements
View the document2.4 Aims and Objectives
close this folder3. Research Methods
View the document3.1 Population and sample
View the document3.2 Analysis of curriculum documents
View the document3.3 Interviews and focus groups
View the document3.4 Questionnaires
close this folder4. Background of the Learners
View the document4.1 The respondents
View the document4.2 Course level and age
View the document4.3 Current post and experience
View the document4.4 Gender, language and racial classification
View the document4.5 Location of the respondents' schools
View the document4.6 Socio-economic situation
close this folder5. The Curriculum
View the document5.1 Organisation
View the document5.2 The Content and the Learners
close this folder6. Students' Views on Aspects of the Course
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View the document6.1 The teaching in the different subjects
View the document6.2 Students' perceptions of how the course improves management in schools
View the document6.3 Quality of teaching
View the document6.4 Assessment and Examinations
View the document6.5 The influence of the FDE on the students' future plans
View the document6.6 Interview findings
close this folder7. Key themes emerging from the research data
View the document7.1 Quality assurance
View the document7.2 Shifting notions of professional competence
View the document8. Concluding remarks
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View the documentAppendix 1: List of courses that comprise the programme
View the documentAppendix 2: Content of selected course topics