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close this bookThe Experience of Training: A Study of Students at the National Teacher Training College in Lesotho (CIE, 2000, 39 p.)
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Chapter 3: Data Analysis

The data from the diaries was studied, together with notes from the focus group meetings, and recurring themes were noted. The questionnaires were first analysed using SPSS to generate frequencies, and then a narrative account was written describing the patterns that emerged (the sample was too small for further statistical analysis). The answers to the open-ended questions were analysed manually and summarised. These three sets of data were then compared. Some of the themes and patterns could be related to the curriculum framework used to analyse the documented curriculum (see Lefoka and Stuart, 2001) but others emerged from the data.

The small size of the final sample makes it difficult to draw robust conclusions, but the data is rich and can contribute some insights into the curriculum process. This report also draws, in places, on data collected in other parts of the MUSTER work.