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close this bookThe Experience of Training: A Study of Students at the National Teacher Training College in Lesotho (CIE, 2000, 39 p.)
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1.1 Rationale

Candidates who get admitted into teacher education colleges bring with them a massive number of experiences accumulated over many years of primary and secondary education. These contribute to their attitudes towards and perceptions about the various aspects of the teaching profession and/or teacher education in general. The MUSTER sub-study on "Becoming a Teacher" clearly supports this view. While only some students enter with teaching experience, all bring images of good and poor teachers. Subsequently, teacher education students observe and most probably internalise a number of behaviours portrayed by both lecturers and other student teachers during their study period in teacher training institutions. This is an important part of their college experiences. Such experiences in turn might contribute to the attitudes they will take with them into schools.

Surprisingly, teacher education institutions particularly the National Teacher Training College (NTTC) do not seem to have investigated the kinds of experiences that students are accumulating during their training. Yet, data generated through investigating students' life in the college could inform teacher educators and administrators about the effects of such institutions on future teachers in many ways. Specifically, teacher educators in particular might find such information helping them improve their teaching approaches. This sub-study therefore sought to investigate student' views on the experiences they are accumulating while undergoing training at the National Teacher Training College (NTTC).