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close this bookInitial Primary Teacher Education in Lesotho (CIE, 2002, 142 p.)
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View the documentMulti-Site Teacher Education Research Project (MUSTER)
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close this folderExecutive Summary
View the documentIntroduction
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close this folderChapter 1: Introduction
View the document1.1 Background to the Country
View the document1.2 Formal education system
View the document1.3 Overview of the main characteristics of the teacher education system
View the document1.4 The MUSTER Project
View the document1.5 Overview of the report
close this folderChapter 2: Research Design and Methods
View the document2.1 Introduction
View the document2.2 Selection of samples
View the document2.3 Data Collection
View the document2.4 Data Analysis
View the document2.5 Some Strengths and Limitations of the Methodology
close this folderChapter 3: Characteristics of Entrants Into Pre-Service Training
View the document3.1 Introduction
View the document3.2 Selection and admissions procedures
View the document3.3 Characteristics and background
View the document3.4 Motivations for teaching and views of the profession
View the document3.5 Future career plans
View the document3.6 Experiences, attitudes and images
View the document3.7 Concluding discussion
close this folderChapter 4: Training Primary School Teachers
View the document4.1 Introduction
View the document4.2 Diploma in Education (Primary)
View the document4.3 The curriculum strategy
View the document4.4 Observing the teaching and learning at the NTTC
View the document4.5 The curriculum as perceived by student teachers
View the document4.6 Emerging Issues
View the document4.7 Teaching Practice
View the document4.8 Concluding discussion
close this folderChapter 5: The Impact of Training: College and School Experiences
View the document5.1 Introduction
View the document5.2 Profile of the samples of newly qualified teachers and exiting student teachers
View the document5.3 Views about aspects of the teacher education programme
View the document5.4 Transition into teaching
View the document5.5 Newly qualified teachers in practice
View the document5.6 Attitudes and perceptions
View the document5.7 Emergence of a new role identity
View the document5.8 How they are perceived by stakeholders
View the document5.9 Concluding discussion
close this folderChapter 6: The National Teacher Training College and its Tutors
View the document6.1 Introduction
View the document6.2 College structure, management, and staffing
View the document6.3 Characteristics of the Primary Division staff
View the document6.4 Induction and continuing professional development
View the document6.5 Current job satisfaction and future plans
View the document6.6 Tutors' perspectives
View the document6.7 Teaching practice and the schools
View the document6.8 Perceptions of their own teaching
View the document6.9 Concluding Discussion
close this folderChapter 7: Costs, Efficiency and Supply and Demand
View the document7.1 Introduction
View the document7.2 The system of college funding and sources of costs
View the document7.3 Internal efficiency of the NTTC
View the document7.4 Teacher supply and demand
View the document7.5 Summary
View the document7.6 Concluding Discussion
close this folderChapter 8: Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations
View the document8.1 Introduction
View the document8.2 The entry characteristics of student teachers and what they bring in terms of their experiences, images, perceptions and motivation
View the document8.3 The NTTC DEP curriculum as documented, as delivered, and as experienced by the student teachers themselves
View the document8.4 The impact of the training: How student teachers value training and how far it changes them; early experience on the job and support for novice teachers
View the document8.5 The College: Career patterns, professional development and views of the lecturers
View the document8.6 Supply and demand, costs and efficiency
View the document8.7 Recommendations
View the documentAppendix: Report on the Dissemination Seminar / Workshop
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