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close this bookPrimary Teacher Education Curricula as Documented: A Comparative Analysis (CIE, 1999, 38 p.)
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View the documentMulti-Site Teacher Education Research Project (MUSTER)
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View the documentAbstract
close this folder1. Introduction
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View the document1.1 A note on methods used
View the document1.2 Primary Initial Teacher Preparation Programmes (ITPPs) in a state of flux
close this folder2. Contextual Frames
close this folder2.1 Background to recent developments
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View the document2.1.1 Ghana
View the document2.1.2 Lesotho
View the document2.1.3 Malawi
View the document2.1.4 UDW
close this folder2.2 Comparing the development of the programmes
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View the document2.2.1 Policy
View the document2.2.2 International influences
View the document2.2.3 Views of the teacher
View the document2.2.4 Change processes
View the document2.3 Governance and Control
View the document2.4 Requirements for students on entry
close this folder3. Curricular structures and strategies
View the document3.1 Structure
View the document3.2 Subject Content
View the document3.3 Relationship between Subject Content and Methods
View the document3.4 Professional Components
View the document3.5 Pedagogy for the ITPP
View the document3.6 Teaching / Learning Materials
View the document3.7 Assessment
View the document3.8 Assessment of the Practicum
close this folder4. Summary and Discussion
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close this folder4.1 Some of the issues emerging from the above analysis
View the document4.1.1 Transition
View the document4.1.2 Different directions
View the document4.1.3 What is the Curriculum?
View the document4.1.4 The relation of the curriculum to the life-worlds of the trainees
View the document4.1.5 What sort of teacher?
View the document4.1.6 Teacher Educators
View the document4.1.7 Patterns of differences
View the documentReferences
View the documentAppendix 1: Analysing the teacher preparation curriculum from documentary sources
View the documentAppendix 2: The Curriculum Strategy in Context


Janet S Stuart

July 1999

Multi-Site Teacher Education Research Project
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