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close this bookNew Teachers on the Job: The Impact of Teacher Education in Lesotho (CIE, 2001, 36 p.)
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1.2 Research questions

The study was undertaken within the overall framework of the MUSTER research questions:

· What are the characteristics of college graduates, in terms of self-perception, motivation and attitudes?

· How have they been changed by their course?

More specifically, the Lesotho study sought to address the following:

(1) How has the NTTC training affected the way the NQTs teach
(2) How much do they use what they were taught?
(3) How far are the NQTs influenced by the school in the way they teach?

(a) What kinds of support do they get?
(b) What constraints do they find when they try to apply college ideas?

(4) How are the NQTs perceived by the Heads and mentors?
(5) Is there a difference between trained and untrained teachers?