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5.3 Objectives

There are long lists of objectives (22 in BC/Year 1, 6 in Year 2, 8 in Year 3). Out of this total of 36, 29 concern mathematical knowledge, and are phrased as such:

- construct geometrical shapes, angles and lines
- use statistical tools of analysis
- solve simultaneous linear equations

In the 6 objectives related to pedagogic content and curricular knowledge, students are required to:

- review and critique the primary maths syllabus, relate it to theories of learning, and formulate teaching strategies (Year 1).

- In Year 2 they are to construct and use mathematical models for teaching, and relate games to mathematics teaching and learning.

- The Year 3 syllabus has no clear relevance to teaching, although it includes conducting a qualitative research project of an unspecified nature.