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close this bookThe MUSTER Synthesis Report - Researching Teacher Education: New Perspectives on Practice, Performance and Policy (CIE, 2003, 237 p.)
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MUSTER has depended on the collaborative endeavours of a large number of researchers and the co-operation of many teacher educators, teacher education students, Ministries of Education, and training institutions. To all these actors we express our gratitude. Most particularly the research has relied centrally on the efforts, insights, skills, and persistence of the research teams and the Principal Researchers, often working under difficult circumstances with many competing pressures on their time. The range of research products and their quality is testimony to the immense amount of work and goodwill that all those involved have committed to MUSTER.

Beryl Clough was an unstinting, conscientious, committed and caring Project Secretary for the MUSTER project who cheerfully coped with all its crises, deadlines and financial aberrations. Sadly she passed away before the completion of the Project and is sorely missed by all involved. This report, and the other outputs from MUSTER, have benefited greatly from her dedication, sense of duty, and willingness to go the extra mile. We hope it does justice to her memory.