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close this bookLearning to Teach in Ghana: An Evaluation of Curriculum Delivery (CIE, 2000, 51 p.)
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View the documentMulti-Site Teacher Education Research Project (MUSTER)
View the documentAbstract
close this folderChapter 1: Introduction
View the document1.1 Overview
View the document1.2 Initial Teacher Training in Ghana: Critique of Focus and Purpose
View the document1.3 Purpose of this Study
close this folderChapter 2: Methodology
View the document2.1 Approach
View the document2.2 Sample
View the document2.3 Research Questions
close this folderChapter 3: Profile of Exiting Teacher Trainees
View the document3.1 Who is doing the learning?
View the document3.2 Prior Teaching Experience
View the document3.3 Family and Socio-economic background
View the document3.4 Discussion
close this folderChapter 4: Curriculum Issues
View the document4.1 Analysis of the Survey Results
close this folderChapter 5: Teaching Practice
View the document5.1 Teaching Practice: General Organisation
View the document5.2 Teaching Practice: The Survey Findings
close this folderChapter 6: Teaching Practice: The Student Teachers' Experiences
View the document6.1 Gaps between Theory and Practice
View the document6.2 Teaching Practice Supervision: Tensions and Contradictions
close this folderChapter 7: Student Teachers' Beliefs about Teaching and the Profession
View the document7.1 Introduction
View the document7.2 Perceptions of Professional Practice
View the document7.3 Images of the Teaching Profession
close this folderChapter 8: Curriculum Delivery: Practices, Perceptions and Shaping Factors
View the document8.1 Introduction
View the document8.2 Methodology
View the document8.3 Teaching Subject Content
View the document8.4 Teaching learning to teach
View the document8.5 Curriculum Delivery: Factors influencing Practice
View the document8.6 College Organisation for Staffing and Workloads
close this folderChapter 9: Conclusions
View the document9.1 Reflections on Learning to Teach in Ghana
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