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close this bookTeaching Practice at the National Teacher Training College in Lesotho (CIE, 2001, 49 p.)
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View the documentMulti-Site Teacher Education Research Project (MUSTER)
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close this folderChapter 1: Introduction
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close this folderChapter 2: Research methods
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close this folderChapter 3: Background to the Study
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View the document3.2 The history of the NTTC Internship Programme
View the document3.3 The 1987 Report: Stakeholders' Perception of NTTC Internship
View the document3.4 The Hopkin Report of 1996
close this folderChapter 4: The Structure and Organisation of Teaching Practice at the NTTC
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close this folderChapter 5: Teaching Practice in Action
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close this folderChapter 6: Lecturers' and Student Teachers' Perceptions of the NTTC Teaching Practice
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View the document6.1 Perceptions concerning the Duration of the NTTC Teaching Practice Period
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close this folderChapter 7: Concluding summary and discussions
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View the document7.1 The nature of the NTTC teaching practice and its relationship to the rest of the programme
View the document7.2 Practical and organisational aspects of TP
View the document7.3 The Way Forward: some specific suggestions
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View the documentAppendix 1: Questionnaire for PTC IIIS
View the documentAppendix 2: Questionnaire/Interview Questions - NTTC Lectures
View the documentAppendix 3: Interview Questions - Internship Coordinators