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close this bookAn Analysis of Primary Teacher Education in Trinidad and Tobago: The MUSTER Project (CIE, 2002, 156 p.)
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5.1 Introduction

In the attempt to more fully understand the nature of the interactions among college lecturers' espoused views on the curriculum, their actual delivery of the curriculum, trainees' experience of the curriculum, and other contextual factors, four researchers (independently) observed teaching/learning episodes at the teachers' colleges. In each case, the researcher had secured permission to attend the session from the lecturer beforehand. The researchers functioned simply as observers, taking detailed notes of the events and interactions during the session. In all, six lecturers were observed and interviewed.

The specific research question pursued was:

· How well do the stated intentions of teacher educators mesh with what is revealed in the curriculum in action?

The following accounts of lessons in the areas of literary studies, science, and mathematics are presented in an effort to portray the enacted and the experienced curriculum. These accounts serve to present some “snapshots” of in-college learning experiences of trainees. Three such snapshots are presented.