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close this bookThe Malawi Integrated In-Service Teacher Education Project: An Analysis of the Curriculum and Its Delivery in the Colleges (CIE, 2000, 75 p.)
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View the documentMulti-Site Teacher Education Research Project (MUSTER)
View the documentList of Abbreviations
View the documentAbstract
close this folderChapter 1: Issues and Context
View the document1.1 Introduction
View the document1.2 Some international issues around teacher education
View the document1.3 Analytical approaches used in this report
View the document1.4 Overview of the programme
View the document1.5 Data collection methods
View the document1.6 Context of the Study
close this folderChapter 2: The Curriculum Strategy
View the document2.1 Introduction
View the document2.2 Aims, general objectives, and underlying philosophy of MIITEP
View the document2.3 Content
View the document2.4 Pedagogy
View the document2.5 Assessment
View the document2.6 Teaching and Learning materials
View the document2.7 Teaching Practice
View the document2.8 The curriculum strategy and its coherence
close this folderChapter 3: The Teacher Education Classroom
View the document3.1 Introduction
View the document3.2 English
View the document3.3 Maths
View the document3.4 Science
View the document3.5 Foundation Studies
View the document3.6 Discussion Points
close this folderChapter 4: Evaluations and Conclusions
View the document4.1 Introduction
View the document4.2 Tutors’ views
View the document4.3 Students’ views
View the document4.4 Rest of the course
View the document4.5 The college blocks in retrospect
View the document4.6 How far has MIITEP succeeded in its curricular aims?
View the document4.7 Discussion of ways forward
View the document4.8 Conclusion
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close this folderList of Appendices
View the documentAppendix 1: Interview Schedule for Training College Lecturers
View the documentAppendix 2: Schedule of Questions for Focus Group Discussions with Student Teachers during Residential Training
View the documentAppendix 3: Shulman’s Categories of the Knowledge Base for Teaching
View the documentAppendix 4: A Methodological Note on the Classroom Observations