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close this bookOn-the-Job Training: Pre-Service Teacher Training in Trinidad & Tobago (CIE, 2000, 35 p.)
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View the documentMulti-Site Teacher Education Research Project (MUSTER)
View the documentList of Acronyms and Abbreviations
View the documentAbstract
View the document1. Introduction
View the document2. Purpose of the Study
View the document3. Methodology
close this folder4. Background of the Programme
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View the document4.1 The Origin of the OJT Pre-Service Teacher Training Programme
View the document4.2 The Goals and Purpose of the OJT Programme
close this folder5. Programme Structure
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View the document5.1 The Programme Coordinator/Director of Educational Services
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View the document5.6 Mentor Teachers
close this folder6. Recruitment, certification, and remuneration policies
View the document6.1 Recruitment Policy
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close this folder7. The Curriculum
View the document7.1 The Underlying Philosophy
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View the document7.4 The Relationship between Theory and Practice
View the document7.5 New Developments in the Programme
close this folder8. Stakeholders' perceptions of the organisation and functioning of the programme
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View the document8.1 Perceptions of the nature of the trainees
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View the document8.4 Trainees' and Graduates' Experiences of the Programme
View the document9. Conclusions and Recommendations