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the Jubilee,: Tuesday, Feb. 8, 1898. [2] Te Tiupiri, Pepuere 8, 1898.

It is the intention of the manage-

ment to put on a canvasser, so that

this matter may be systematically

carried out We therefore, hope

that all who wish, to assist in the

enlightenment of the Natives, will

do so by advertising in our columns,

or becoming subscribers, thereby

furnishing us with the means of

carrying on our work. With the

help of our friends, we hope, at an

early date, to be in a position to in-

crease pur staff, and enlarge the


Market Square,

Whanganui, Jan. 25th, 1898.


I have great pleasure in laying

before you the result of our first

years' work in connection with the

canoe races. At one of the meet-

ings of the Whanganui Regatta

Association last year, they, on my

representation, donated the sum of

five pounds, and with the assistance

of yourselves we were able to give

prizes to the amount of £12, Al-

though we had no general meeting,

• the following formed the Committee

in the carrying out the necessary

arrangements: — Takarangi Mete

Kingi G; Pukehika, Hone Potaka,

• Te Aohau Mikihini Ru Reweti, W.

W Hipango and Keepa Tahukumu-

tia. The races we arranged were

successful in every way, and I wish

to thank all those who took part for

the help they gave me in preparing

and carrying out the programme.

Some of you will remember that on

the day following the Regatta the

prize money was paid out here, and

at the time I promised that next

year we would give £50 prize money

It was thought by many that I was

offering too much, but I am confident

that, with your help the money will

be forthcoming. The Committee of

the Regatta Association were so

pleased with the entries and general

management of our races that they

have this year, increased their dona-

tion to £10, for which I heartily

thanked them, and on your behalf,

promised to give them a good after-

noon's sport on the 17th March, I

think the time has now arrived to

make these races an annual affair,

and in order to do so it is necessary

(if you are of my opinion) today

to appoint officers arid a committee

to make and carry out a programme.

In doing this I will ask you to appoint

only those who you think will attend

to the duties they will have to fulfill.

To make the meeting a success, we

must have those who will work, and

I am confident it is the wish of one

and all to provide a real good after-

noon's sport. It is the intention to

have races this year for females and

males under 16 years of age, as well

as those for adults I was in hopes

this year to see competitors from

other parts of the colony, but am

afraid the notice will be too short

for those living at a distance to

attend Perhaps next year we will

find that we can offer larger prizes

as an inducement, but in any case,

the programme must be issued at

least two months before the day of

the races. In conclusion, I wish

you all a Happy and Prosperous

New Year.

Yours truly,


Chairman Last Years' Committee.