Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 3, Nama 2

pp.9-10 Editorial critique of the few Maori who prepare flax fibre for sale to buy Pakeha clothing; attributes the deficiency to laziness and uncivilised behaviour; describes the many Pakeha goods available in exchange for flax fibre. Discusses the reputation of the Maori people as agriculturists but reasons that Maori behaviour illustrates laziness; discusses the probability that Maori will gain the reputation of raising criminals, associating with uncivilised Pakeha, and being corrupt; discusses flax fibre as a commodity preferable to potatoes.
pp.10-11 Letters to the Editor
From H K
Questions the rationale for and source of fear of Ngā Puhi; questions Panakareao's role in the northern uprising; discusses comments made by Te Kawau of Ngāti Whātua, and the relations between the Governor, the people of Pōneke [Wellington], Kaikōura, Taranaki, Auckland and Kororāreka [Russell]; discusses the debate about the strength and threats of Hōne Heke against Ngāti Whātua and Te Rarawa.
From Wiremu Wata and others [named]
Acknowledges that this correspondence was witnessed byGeorge Clarke and E. Meurant, but not fully supported by Wiremu Wētere. Notice of the negotiations between Ngāti Tamaoho and Te Karaka [George Clarke Snr] concerning the sale and retention of lands and settlements, to end disputes.
From Katikati
Addressed to the people of Hauraki. Promotes the genealogical link and associations from Tūtekohi to Tāmaki to dispute the claim to land through the genealogical line of Tahiwi.
From Hōhepa and others [named], Auckland
Addressed to Māta Pitiroe [Governor Fitzroy] discussing prospective relations between Maori and Pakeha under his governorship, past relationships and current perspectives of Ngāti Pāoa.
pp.11-12 [Notices]
From Te Pīhopa o Nui Tireni [The Bishop of New Zealand], of the appointment of Te Parāone [Alfred Nesbit Brown] as Archdeacon, Te Rēweti, Te Peneha, Te Parana and Te Pata as regional deacons for the CMS.
Concerning Te Kemara's [John Logan Campbell] ill health.
Escape of Tītoi, Hāmi, and Tumutumu charged with theft from the business of Te Kereama [Robert Graham].
Reward for the apprehension of the thief who burgled Mākareta Te Ponarua.
Reward for the apprehension and return of Hāre Parata, a deserted soldier.